Visiting Disney World In Florida

For those who are ready to put on their magical caps, there is no better location in the world than Disney theme parks in Florida. The resort, called Disney World officially, is one of the largest complexes that encompass far more than just one amusement park. In fact, when it was being built and planned for, Mr. Disney himself knew that there would be more there than just one park. He envisioned Epcot, a second park that is part of the complex nearly from the start.

Epcot is one of many Disney theme parks in Florida.

Visitors to Disney theme parks in Florida will find several additional theme parks to enjoy alongside the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is the main park, and it is often the park people think of when they visit. But, consider what else there is a few minutes from this park. Animals, thrill rides, Hollywood adventures and much more lie just a few minutes away.