Other Major Disney Parks In Florida

For those who are planning a week or more of a stay in Florida, do not be mistaken about how many days you will need to travel through each of the Disney theme parks located in the region. Within the Orlando area you will find several options. The other main theme parks outside of the Magical Kingdom include Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Each one has a different theme, presence, and they each offer something unique to the visitor.

The Magical Kingdom is a wonderful place.

At Epcot you will be about to tour the World Showcase where you can stop into one of several "country" areas and learn all about the culture of that country. Move on to the next and learn more about it. In addition, there is Future World where a variety of innovative and fun rides and exhibits draw you in. Stop by Animal Kingdom for one of the most beautiful and largest of animal themed parks. Hollywood Studios takes you into the world of movie making in a variety of ways.