Water Parks In Disney Florida

Waterparks are a great way to cool off.

Are you ready to dive into something cool after you have been in Disney's major theme parks for a few days? The Florida sun can be incredibly hot, not to mention the humidity. If you do, then you may want to check out Disney's water parks located within just a few miles of the main theme parks. These parks are on Disney property, which means that some of your tickets may work there, depending on the actual type of ticket you purchased. There are also some good game rooms with air-conditioning where you can play at a casino online.

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There are two water parks located on Disney property. The first offers a refreshing experience. It is called Blizzard Beach. It offers a water park with a supposed "snow" feeling to it. The other option is Typhoon Lagoon. It too is a nice water park and is easily one of the best water parks in the country. Go ahead and chill out when you get to these water parks. They do close early so they make a nice morning and afternoon stop if you plan to hit the fireworks at one of the other parks at night. This is bit strange, sources said the casino industry is now planning to introduce eco style theme park for their players. Not a bad idea.

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